Call for Art: Images of Industry

The City of Holyoke seeks “images of industry” from regional artists to incorporate into a proposed series of banners. Vertical banners will be displayed on lamp posts along the streets of downtown Holyoke. Artwork should be original and reflect on the past and/or present industries of Western Massachusetts.

Up to five images may be chosen. Artists will receive $300 for each image selected. More than one image per artist may be selected. Images may be altered to fit with the final design of the banner series. Nothing in this Call for Art obligates the City of Holyoke to select any particular submission.

Submission Guidelines:
Images can be paintings, illustrations, photographs and/or mixed media – but must be submitted in high resolution digital format (JPEG, 4”x6” at 300dpi or better) on CD/DVD.

An individual artist or group can submit up to ten images. Images with a vertical format are preferred as horizontal images will need to be severely cropped in order to fit in a vertical banner design. There is NO submission fee.

Submission Deadline: 1/9/15
Selection Process: Representatives from the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, Holyoke Local Cultural Council (HLCC) and the Mayor’s Office will review submissions and choose the images to be incorporated into final banner designs. Finalist will be notified in mid-February.
Artwork Requirements:
The primary purpose of this program is to create a public benefit. Therefore, images that convey messages appearing to advertise, or promote a private entity (corporation, neighborhood business, chamber of commerce, or other community organization), create driver distraction or could be confused with traffic signs will not be permitted.
Public artwork shall be original and shall not include any signage or other advertisement or logo, literal or abstract.
A wide variety of artistic expression is encouraged. However, expressions of profanity, vulgarity or obvious poor taste are inappropriate.

Contact: Jeff Bianchine (CEIC) at 413-322-5575 or

Submit completed Application Form and images on CD/DVD to:
Planning and Economic Development
City of Holyoke
20 Korean Veterans Plaza, Suite 406
Holyoke, MA 01040