City Begins Demolition of 689 Main Street

The City of Holyoke began the demolition and cleanup on site at the property at 689 Main Street, the former location of Automania, an automotive sales and service facility, which is not currently in operation and is vacant.

The demolition was marked by a ceremony that included remarks from city & state officials and representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).The demolition of this property is the first phase in an effort to prepare the site for redevelopment, which was marked by a ceremony on Monday, January 11, at 1 PM, and will take one to two weeks to complete. The second phase of the site preparation will involve removal of underground storage tanks and remediation of soil contaminants. The entire project is projected to be completed by the summer, before the property is available for private development.

In 1996, City of Holyoke acquired the former automotive sales and service facility from New England Speed Equipment, Inc. via a tax lien judgment. The half acre parcel includes an approximately 8,000 sq. ft building that is contaminated with organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic compounds, PCBs, and heavy metals.

The cost of environmental testing and documentation, and both phases of cleanup involving demolition and remediation is approximately $300,000. Funding for the project has been made available by the EPA, the MassDeveloopment Brownfield Redevelopment Fund and technical assistance from the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.

“It is important that we continue to make sites like this one ready for redevelopment and today’s demolition is an important step in that process,” Mayor Morse said. “Without these actions on our part properties like these would indefinitely lie vacant and unused. I applaud my team at City Hall for securing the funding necessary to make today happen, and to pave the way for this property to be a source of revenue and job opportunities in the city.”