Creative Economy networking events in Holyoke

A networking event for creative-types was held on Tuesday, October 2 at Paper City Brewery in Holyoke. Plug into the Creative Valley was attended by over 125 people working in an industry that includes architects, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and many others who make up the pioneer valley’s creative economy. The event was hosted by PorterHouse Media and sponsored by Paper City Brewery, Western Mass Economic Development Council and MassDigi.

Another Plug Into the Creative Valley event will be held on Tuesday, November 13th from 6pm-8pm at the Paper City Brewey (102 Cabot St – 4th floor).

Anzovin Studio will be hosting the event. Anzovin Studio provides character animation and cinematics for television and game production. They have also produced award winning short films (Puppet and The Duel) as well as critically acclaimed computer animation tutorials and software, notably The Setup Machine.

Space is limited so don’t forget to register at to attend this free event.

For more infomation, please visit Creative Valley’s new FaceBook page


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