Designs for Downtown Infrastructure Move Forward, Get Funding

Holyoke took two important steps towards designing public infrastructure improvements in the downtown canal district in June.

First, City Council approved $150,000 to complete engineered drawings for the Transit Connections Project, which will improve pedestrian, bike and vehicle access along Heritage, Front and Dwight Street areas. The project will help connect the Holyoke Transportation Center to the future passenger rail stop on the bottom of Dwight Street and to the Canalwalk, as well as improve the walking environment within this area.

Then, the City announced a public hearing to discuss proposed construction plans for the Holyoke Canalwalk Phase II on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 7:00 pm at City Council Chambers. The public is encouraged to attend the meeting to express to the MassDOT the importance of this project for Holyoke and the importance of moving the project forward into construction in an expedited manner.

The Holyoke Canalwalk is a pedestrian walkway and promenade along the historic canals and will link City Hall, Heritage State Park, the Children’s Museum, businesses, artists’ studios and other interesting destinations to the Connecticut River Greenway.  It will feature a 12 to 20 foot wide promenade, benches, decorative paving, historic lighting, opportunities for public art installations, canal-front greenspace and landscaping. As part of the City’s urban revitalization projects, the Canalwalk is expected to be a catalyst for economic development in Holyoke.



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