Holyoke Announces Call for Art at Mosher Street Rail Bridge

In recognizing that public art creates a unique sense of place and pride for all citizens and visitors to our community; and in preparation for the return of passenger rail service, the City of Holyoke, as part of a Community Development Block Grant has been awarded up to $20,000 in funding to complete an art installation in conjunction with streetscape renovation on Mosher, Main and Race Streets.  This public art installation will transform the Mosher Street Rail Bridge Underpass into a safe and inviting creative attraction for pedestrian traffic to improve access between the Flats neighborhood and the downtown Holyoke.

Since the removal of the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks at the bottom of Dwight Street, foot traffic has continued over and along the tracks.  The purpose of this creative installation is to improve the pedestrian pathway under the Mosher Street Rail Bridge by providing a safe, well lit, fun, attractive gateway between the Flats and downtown Holyoke – and in that way, redirect pedestrian traffic between the neighborhoods.  The “canvas” being made available is the entire north wall under the bridge, including the vacant stairwell leading to the H.H. Richardson Train Station, the sidewalk, and the steel beams, posts and rafters supporting the bridge.

The City of Holyoke seeks qualified artists and/or design professionals that can conceive, create and install public art infrastructure as described below and encourages them to submit proposals to provide these specific services:

  1. Design – Conceive a permanent art installation for the pedestrian passageway under the Mosher Street Rail Bridge that will promote a safe, attractive, well-lit, and frequented gateway between downtown and the Flats neighborhood.
  2. Build – Acquire materials and produce the artistic elements to be installed.
  3. Install – Work with City of Holyoke Department of Public Works and their contractors in planning the installation of artistic elements.* Assist the City of Holyoke Department of Public Works and their contractors, when applicable, with the installation of the artistic project(s) in the designated location(s).

If interested in submitting a proposal, the Mosher Street Rail Bridge Art Project Call for Art (BID #823) can be requested in person at the Purchasing Department on the lower level of Holyoke City Hall, or email sheridanB@holyoke.org to request an electronic version. The deadline for submissions has been extended to March 14th, 2014 at 10:00am

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