Creative Economy networking events in Holyoke

A networking event for creative-types was held on Tuesday, October 2 at Paper City Brewery in Holyoke. Plug into the Creative Valley was attended by over 125 people working in an industry that includes architects, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and many others who make up the pioneer valley’s creative economy. The event was hosted by PorterHouse Media and sponsored by Paper City Brewery, Western Mass Economic Development Council and MassDigi.

Another Plug Into the Creative Valley event will be ...

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Creative Economy Getting a Boost in Holyoke

The Creative Economy continues to establish itself as an industry cluster in downtown Holyoke. The City of Holyoke made great strides this month to establish itself as a creative economy center in Western Massachusetts. A cornerstone of the City’s economic development strategy, creative economy industries include the many interlocking sectors that provide creative services such as advertising, architecture, or the promotion of intellectual property products such as arts, film, computer games, multimedia and design. Here are some of the recent ...

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